African Tire Pyrolysis Market Will Usher In A Big Outbreak

The African auto market is welcoming an unprecedented period of growth, and it is expected that demand for cars in the African market will double in the next 10 to 20 years. This is one of the fastest-growing middle class and will have a positive impact on the global automotive market.

Relevant research shows that Africa's demand for new tires for light vehicles (with a load of no more than 6 tons) has continued to exceed 1.6 million per year since 2012. It is predicted that the demand for light tires in this market will increase to 2.7 million pieces per year in 2027.



African Tire Production Factory

The China-Africa Trade Research Center has analyzed that the South African government has listed the automobile industry as an important pillar for stimulating economic growth and has introduced relevant policies to support localization of enterprises. The goal is to increase the annual national automobile production to 1.2 million units by 2020. At the same time, some governments in North Africa are also increasing their employment rate and promoting economic growth by developing the automobile industry.

At the same time, in order to improve vehicle safety performance and strengthen environmental protection, most African countries have introduced policies in recent years to strictly restrict the import of used cars that cannot pass safety testing and environmental protection standards. This has pushed various auto companies to build factories in Africa. At present, more than a dozen world auto companies have built factories in South Africa to produce cars, which have created market conditions for stimulating the demand of the African tire industry.

The outbreak of the tire market will undoubtedly drive the development of the tire market. Generally, when the car is driven for 80,000 kilometers, the tire needs to be replaced. The replaced tire can be processed to obtain tire oil, carbon black, steel wire and other products, which can be directly sold or deep processed, thereby obtaining high economic benefits. If you want to know more, click here and you will see a very detailed introduction to the tire pyrolysis equipment.

Two workers are doing pretreatment of tire pyrolysis

Two Workers Are Doing Pretreatment of Tire Pyrolysis

In addition to the growth of the African automotive market, the large import of waste tires from other countries also provides a large number of raw materials for the waste tire pyrolysis in Africa. Usually, the cost of these waste tire imports is very low, and the products obtained by pyrolysis tires will sell at very good prices, so it is a project with a high input-output ratio.

Entering and investing in the tire pyrolysis project in Africa and planning in advance will be a very correct choice.

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