Australia Invests $20 Million To Support Plastic Recycling

The Australian government announced that it will invest US$20 million to accelerate its support for the development of its domestic plastics recycling industry. The funds will be provided through the Round 8 grant program of the Government Cooperative Research Center Project (CRC-P).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the funding supports the government's plan to ban the export of used plastic, paper, glass and tires. According to recent data, Australia produces 103 kg of plastic waste per person per year. Of these, only 12% of plastic waste is recycled and “mostly recycled outside Australia”.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

“We are committed to protecting the environment in our country and at the same time improving our ability to turn waste into treasure. By attracting industry and researchers, we can see that these changes will help companies reduce costs and ultimately create jobs. opportunity."

—— Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison


The move will further strengthen the technical research and development capabilities of Australia's plastic recycling industry and ultimately translate into specific waste plastic processing equipment and related processing technologies.

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