Indonesian Customers Inspect The Factory and Order MLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant

On May 20, 2019, Indonesian customers came to MoreGreen to visit the equipment production factory. He learned from friends that waste plastics can be pyrolyzed into oil and other products, and the profits are high. He found MoreGreen's official website on the Internet and was very interested in waste plastic pyrolysis equipment, so he decided to visit the factory's equipment production workshop.

Indonesian Customers Are Visiting the Waste To Oil Plant Production Line

Indonesian Customers Are Visiting the Waste To Oil Plant Production Line

During the inspection, we introduced the overall structure and workflow of the pyrolysis equipment to the customer. During the communication process, the customer expressed great emphasis on the durability and cost performance of the equipment. After learning that the average life of the MoreGreen waste plastic to oil plant was 5-8 years and the investment cost would be recovered quickly after a period of operation, he said that he would like to visit the equipment production line immediately after the meeting.


MLJ-10 Waste Plastic To Oil Plant

The customer saw the equipment in production at the factory and asked us a lot of questions. We answered him one by one. After the final negotiation, the customer finally decided to order a piece of MLJ-10 pyrolysis equipment.

At present, this equipment is about to start production and it is expected to be sent to Indonesia in about 20 days.

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