MLL-40 Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant Installed In South Africa

Our South African customers have a large waste tire treatment factory in their area. In 2017 and 2018, they have purchased two MLJ-10 batch pyrolysis plants, which are now working very well. He has made a huge profit, so he can continue to expand the waste tyre treatment factory to handle more tires.

At the beginning of this year (2019), he discovered that two batch pyrolysis plants were not enough to handle the growing number of used tires, so he asked us for advice. We understand that he now has 50 tons of waste tires to be processed every day, but the existing pyrolysis equipment can only handle 20 tons. Therefore, we recommend that he use the MLL-40 fully continuous pyrolysis plant. This advanced pyrolysis equipment can be operated 24 hours a day, and the waste tyres are continuously processed to meet his needs.

Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant Installed In South Africa

South African Customers Are Discussing Issues With MoreGreen Engineers

The customer was very interested in this and he appeared at the MoreGreen production factory half a month later to inspect the fully continuous pyrolysis plant. We gave him a detailed explanation in the conference room and accompanied him to visit the factory that afternoon. The customer apparently made full preparations before he came to China, he recorded the problems in advance on the book. After arriving at the factory, he presented them to the engineer one by one. We answered all his questions brilliantly and he was very satisfied.

The customer requested to re-enter the production factory for the next day, and we arranged the engineers and business personnel to accompany him for the second visit. Finally, after the customer communicated with the core staff of his own company, he ordered a MLL-40 fully continuous pyrolysis plant and hoped to help him arrange the fastest production schedule.

Transportation and On-site Installation of Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment

After the production, transportation and on-site installation processes, it was finally installed and started running in South Africa on July 7, 2019.

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