MT-20 Charcoal Making Machine Shipped To Thailand

The Thailand client is a farmer whose main farm is palm and coconut. At the same time, he also had a deep understanding of biomass carbonization, so he made a preliminary communication with our salesman and went directly to the factory to inspect the charcoal making machine.

Thai Customers Are Communicating with MoreGreen Salesmen

This customer needs to process a little more than 20 tons of waste biomass raw material every day. Therefore, in order to save investment costs for customers and other reasons, we recommend him to choose MT-20 charcoal making machine.

After that, we accompanied the customer to the production workshop to check the carbonization equipment first, and then went to check the quality of charcoal and other products, he was very satisfied. And communicate with our engineers on some details.

Charcoal Making Machine in Thailand

MT-20 Charcoal Making Machine Is Being Shipped To The Terminal

In the end, the customer ordered a MT-20 charcoal making machine. After a month of production and careful inspection of the parts, the parts of the equipment were sent to Thailand.

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