MT-30 Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Indonesia

On December 13, 2018, Indonesia successfully installed a MoreGreen MT-30 charcoal making machine. Indonesian customers have contacted us since the beginning of 2018 because they have a lot of rice shells and palm kernels to be treated locally, and the government seems to have subsidies to deal with these waste biomass, so he wants to purchase charcoal making machines to convert waste biomass into charcoal.

Indonesian Customers Are Visiting the Factory

The client himself is constantly learning about the carbonization of biomass and has been in constant contact with us for several months. We also answered all his questions with great patience. The customer understands that biomass charcoal has a very large profit margin, and the local geographical conditions can provide a lot of biomass raw materials at low cost. The customer then decided to visit the factory in mid-October.

He was very interested in the charcoal making machine and communicated a lot of questions and details about the equipment with our engineers. Finally, the customer decided to order a MT-30 charcoal making machine.

Charcoal Making Machine In Indonesia

Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Indonesia

At present, MT-30 biomass to charcoal equipment has been installed in Indonesia and is ready for use.

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