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Successful Cases

Ukrainian customer purchased an MZL-30 waste oil distillation plant

Our Ukrainian customer is from Kiev, where there is a ...
Charcoal Making Machine in Thailand

MT-20 Charcoal Making Machine Shipped To Thailand

The Thailand client is a farmer whose main farm is ...
Charcoal Making Machine In Indonesia

MT-30 Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Indonesia

On December 13, 2018, Indonesia successfully installed a MoreGreen MT-30 ...

Industry Information

waste straw

Indian farmers burn waste straw, worsening Delhi air quality

Waste straw is common, especially in agriculturally developed countries and ...

China’s 358 million take-away users generate a lot of garbage

Chinese Takeaway Food Delivery Staff In China, the takeaway industry ...
China and India signed the "Circular Economy Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

China and India signed a circular economy cooperation agreement

On September 7-9, 2019, the Sixth China-India Strategic Economic Dialogue ...

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