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MoreGreen is a one-stop waste treatment specialist. We produce all types of waste-to-energy plants, including pyrolysis plants, waste oil distillation plants, charcoal making machine, pretreatment equipment. All products are ISO and CE certified. MoreGreen has a team of senior waste management engineers who will provide effective and feasible technical support to ensure that all facilities can run smoothly.

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Pyrolysis Plant & Pyrolysis Machine

The pyrolysis plant is also called pyrolysis machine or waste recycling plant. It can use different pyrolysis temperature, pyrolysis time, reactor size and pretreatment equipment, etc. to process different types of waste raw materials. The wastes that pyrolysis plants can handle usually include waste tires, plastics, rubber, medical waste, biomass, sludge, municipal solid waste, etc. These wastes are finally converted into high value-added renewable energy in a green and harmless way.

Therefore, according to different types of waste raw materials, the pyrolysis plant is also commonly called tyre(tire) pyrolysis plant, plastic pyrolysis plant, waste rubber pyrolysis plant, oil sludge pyrolysis plant, etc.

MoreGreen designs all of these pyrolysis plants into three categories based on different working methods and daily processing capabilities: batching plants (MLJ-6, MLJ-10), semi-continuous plants (MLB-16), fully continuous plants (MLL -30, MLL-40, MLL-50). Details of various pyrolysis plants are as follows:

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

The tyre pyrolysis plant is also called tyre recycling plant or tyre to oil plant. It can pyrolyze used tires or waste tyres in a high-temperature anaerobic reaction kettle, and finally obtain tyre oil, carbon black and steel wire. After many years of research and experiments, MoreGreen has designed and developed a tire recycling machine with higher oil yield and lower cost. And MoreGreen pyrolysis plant has realized 24-hour uninterrupted feeding and slag discharge, which will save labor and significantly improve the daily processing capacity of waste tires.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

The plastic pyrolysis plant is also called plastic to fuel machine, plastic to fuel plant, plastic to oil machine and so on. It can convert waste plastics such as PE, PP, PS, and plastic cable into plastic oil, carbon black, and combustible pyrolysis gas. MoreGreen's plastic pyrolysis plants can significantly improve the oil yield of plastic pyrolysis, and recycle the combustible pyrolysis gas to reduce the consumption of heating fuel.

Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Waste rubber pyrolysis plant is a kind of waste rubber recycling plant, which treats waste rubber by high-temperature chemical method instead of a physical method. Eventually, substances such as pyrolysis oil and carbon black are obtained. It can handle rubber factory waste, rubber hoses, and daily rubber products, etc. So please change your perspective that waste rubber is an energy resource, not emissions that pollute the environment.

Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

As we know, a large amount of sludge is produced during oil refining and the use of fuel oil. If not handled properly, these sludges will pollute soil, water resources and human health. But at the same time, oil sludge is rich in oil, so oil sludge treatment has great commercial value. Pyrolysis is one of the profitable and clean pollution-free methods of oil recovery. After treatment by the oil sludge pyrolysis plant, high-quality fuel oil will be obtained and the problem of sludge pollution will be solved.

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Waste Oil Distillation Plant & Oil Recycling Machine

The waste oil distillation plant is also called an oil recycling machine. It can convert common waste oil into diesel and gasoline that meet international standards and can be used directly by vehicles. These waste oils usually include crude oil, pyrolysis oil, used engine oil, waste motor oil, and waste lubricant oil. And these waste oils can be repeatedly distilled and refined to truly realize the recycling of polluted oil and waste oil. On the one hand, it can prevent the environment from being polluted by waste oil, and on the other hand, it can obtain huge profits.

MoreGreen designed waste oil distillation equipment into two types: batch distillation plants (MZJ-6, MZJ-10) and fully continuous distillation plants (MZL-30, MZL-50, MZL-100) to meet customers' different requirements. The details are as follows:

Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant

We can convert various wastes into pyrolysis oil through pyrolysis plants. This pyrolysis oil can be used in incineration power plants, steel smelters and large machinery & equipment. But if you want to further distill the pyrolysis oil to convert it into diesel and gasoline, you need a pyrolysis oil distillation plant. The conversion rate of pyrolysis oil to diesel or gasoline is about 90%. Therefore, the pyrolysis oil after distillation treatment can be converted into higher quality and higher value national standard diesel or gasoline with very little loss.

Waste Oil Recycling Plant

The waste oil recycling plant is also called used oil recycling plant or oil recycling plant. This facility can recycle a variety of waste oil into fuel. Waste oil can generally be divided into two categories: transportation waste oil and industrial waste oil, which are generated from transportation vehicles, engineering machinery, chemical plants, and metal smelters. During the waste oil recovery process, high-quality fuel oil and base oil are cooled and stored. Residues from the recovery process will be used to provide heat to the plant combustion chamber to save heating fuel. The exhaust gas generated is discharged after being treated by a professional purification system.

Engine Oil Recycling Machine

The engine oil recycling machine is also often called used engine oil recycling plant. Current global transportation and industrial machinery require regular replacement of large quantities of engine oil, but engine oil never wears and only gets dirty——which means it can be recycled. Used oils can cause impurities such as colloids, asphaltenes, and organic acids due to deterioration. And the engine oil will become darker and thicker due to dust and metal shavings. The used engine oil recycling plant processes waste engine oil through sedimentation, distillation, and filtration to obtain high-quality gasoline and diesel.

Waste Oil to Diesel Plant

In general, refining waste oil into diesel is more energy efficient. Compared to crude oil refining diesel, producing the same amount of diesel will consume less energy. The composition of crude oil is more complicated, and there are more processes for distilling and purifying diesel oil. Waste oil processed by a waste oil to diesel plant, its purity, viscosity and flash point will reach the standards of automobiles and other diesel machinery. Pyrolyzing and distilling waste engine oil is an excellent way to produce diesel fuel for use in engines.

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Charcoal Making Machine

The charcoal making machine can convert carbon-containing biomass materials (coconut shell, waste wood, sawdust, bamboo, rice husk, waste branches, and other agricultural waste) into charcoal in the high-temperature environment of the furnace. Therefore, it is also called biomass carbonization equipment, charcoal manufacturing plant, coconut shell charcoal making machine, wood charcoal making machine, sawdust charcoal making machine, bamboo charcoal making machine, rice husk charcoal making machine and so on. MoreGreen charcoal making machine is a horizontal rotary design. There are 4 conventional models: MT-6, MT-10, MT-20 and MT-30, which can process 6-30 tons of biomass or agricultural waste per day. Of course, you can also contact us to customize charcoal making machine with different specifications to match your venue and daily processing capacity. The details are as follows:

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

This kind of charcoal making equipment is also called coconut charcoal making machine, coconut shell charcoal machine or coconut charcoal machine. It can create a high-temperature oxygen-free environment in a carbonization furnace, transforming coconut shells into charcoal and combustible gases. In tropical regions such as Southeast Asia, a large number of coconut shells are directly discarded every year. But these waste coconut shells can be made into high-value coconut shell charcoal, which is used as fuel for daily life and factories.

Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Many people are unaware of the environmental impact of waste wood. People usually think that waste wood will only rot in the soil, but waste wood will generate a large amount of methane gas, which will put great pressure on the earth's atmosphere. In addition, in some areas, there are many kinds of wood that are suitable for making charcoal and are very cheap. These woods will be treated to become high-value charcoal. And MoreGreen wood charcoal making machine makes it possible to process wood on a large scale, whether the raw material is the waste wood from the lumber mill or the relatively wet trunks.

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Sawdust is common in some countries and regions where agriculture is more developed, and usually a large amount of sawdust is produced after the wood mill processes the wood. The sawdust charcoal making machine can efficiently turn sawdust into charcoal. MoreGreen can provide a matching charcoal molding system to make sawdust charcoal into a conventional shape for easy transportation and use.

Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

Bamboo grows in warm and humid areas, and bamboo can be used to make high-quality bamboo charcoal. The surface area of ​​bamboo charcoal is 10 times larger than that of ordinary charcoal, its adsorption rate is 4 times stronger, and it is pure and natural. Therefore, in addition to being used as a fuel, bamboo charcoal can also deal with harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, benzene,and odorous smoke. In addition to processing bamboo into bamboo charcoal on a large scale, MoreGreen bamboo charcoal making machine can also use the heat generated during the carbonization process to dry bamboo raw materials. This saves heating fuel and reduces the time to complete the reaction.

Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

It is well known that countries such as Thailand, India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Pakistan grow large amounts of rice. As a result, these countries produce large amounts of rice husks each year, which are valuable resources for making rice husk charcoal. In addition to processing rice husk charcoal into conventional charcoal through a charcoal forming system, rice husk charcoal is also used in many other fields. For example, it is a common thermal insulation material in industrial production and an important source of supplementary cement materials. The most important thing is that rice husk charcoal can obviously increase the pH of the soil, improve the ventilation of the crop roots, and increase the water holding capacity of the soil.

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Pretreatment Equipment

We can see that some waste raw materials that need to be treated with pyrolysis plants or charcoal making machine are irregular. Some of them are larger or contain other substances, which will cause subsequent processing to be less smooth. For example, some construction machinery tires are large and contain steel wires inside, which cannot be directly pyrolyzed. This requires the use of a tire wire drawing machine and a tire shredder to pull out the tire's steel wire and cut the tire into small pieces. This can improve the life and treatment efficiency of pyrolysis plants (make full use of the space in the reactor).

If the volume and characteristics of your raw materials are suitable, you can directly process the waste raw materials without installing pretreatment equipment. If your raw material volume or composition is special, please feel free to contact us, we will customize the appropriate pretreatment equipment for you or give another solution.

Tire Shredder

The tire shredder is also called tyre shredder or tire shredding machine. It is an important part of the pyrolysis or carbonization automatic production line. A tire shredder can shred raw materials such as large tires into pieces of 30cm-80cm, which makes it possible to handle large waste, which significantly improves the processing efficiency and life of facilities such as pyrolysis plants. It mainly consists of steel mainframe, hydraulic motor, gear reducer, blades, and rotary sieve. MoreGreen tire shredder uses the most advanced shredder technology and is the latest generation of pre-processing machines.

Tire Wire Drawing Machine

The tire wire drawing machine is also called tire wire extractor or tire wire separator. It can pull all the steel wires in the waste tire at one time and prepare for the subsequent shredding of the tire. Pulling the steel wire from the tire can avoid damaging the blades of the tire shredder, and can obtain higher oil yield and higher quality steel wires during the tire pyrolysis process. MoreGreen tire wire drawing machine includes two types: single hook tire wire drawing machines and double hook wire drawing machines.

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