Is MoreGreen continuous pyrolysis plant safe?

Safe continuous pyrolysis plant-MoreGreen

Please rest assured, MoreGreen's continuous pyrolysis plants are safe enough. We have built a large number of pyrolysis plants in various countries and regions, and no safety accident has occurred yet. Safety is one of our top concerns.


1. Safety protection system equipped on MoreGreen pyrolysis plants:

1)Central electrical control system (electrical control cabinet)

We use a PLC central electronic control system to control the entire equipment, including startup, ignition, slag discharge, shutdown, and the work of each functional module. In addition, it will be responsible for a safety early warning and danger control.

First, the electronic control system can detect the pressure and temperature of the pyrolysis furnace and each module. If you find that the pressure or temperature of a module exceeds the normal value, you can adjust the reaction rate to return to normal.

Secondly, the electronic control system can directly shut down the work of each module. For example, cut off the fuel supply of the gas spray gun, stop the operation of the pyrolysis furnace and emergency shut down the combustion chamber. This ensures that when a dangerous situation occurs, the supply of combustible materials can be cut off as soon as possible.

2)Secondary flame retardant

We have installed a secondary flame retardant in the necessary links of the equipment. These flame retardants dilute flammable gases and exclude oxygen. Reduces the possibility of combustion decomposition products (mainly flammable gases) flowing outward.

Central electrical control system-MoreGreen

Central Electrical Control System

Secondary flame retardant - MoreGreen

Secondary Flame Retardant

3)Water-seal tanks

Combustible gases from pyrolysis furnaces are the most likely source of the fire. Therefore, our equipment will install Water-seal tanks to prevent the combustion of flammable gas after the oil and gas separation.

The inlet pipe of the water-seal tank is below the water surface, thus eliminating the necessary conditions for gas combustion.

Water-seal tanks - MoreGreen
Water-seal tanks-2 - MoreGreen

Water-seal Tanks

2. Most frequently asked questions of MoreGreen's customers:

1)Safe shutdown & emergency shutdown procedures

As mentioned above, our equipment is equipped with a PLC central electrical control system. It can realize the function of an emergency shutdown of each module.

And on the screen of the electronic control system, the working status and safety warning of the entire equipment can be intuitively seen.

2)If the building where the pyrolysis plant is placed is equipped with a sprinkler fire extinguishing system

First, I recommend that you confirm that these sprinkler systems are still working.

Second, are these systems sprayed with dry powder (usually sodium bicarbonate powder)? Because the dry powder is an effective fire extinguishing substance for fuel gas.

Finally, I suggest that you put some dry powder fire extinguishers in the storage room around the equipment, they can urgently deal with some small areas of fire when the danger just happened.

3)Some other points to note

  • Prohibit operators from smoking and using open flames during work
  • Remove unnecessary flammable materials around the equipment
Dry powder fire extinguisher

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

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