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MoreGreen Tire Shredder

MoreGreen tire shredder can cut tires into 3-8 cm rubber parts, which can pyrolyze some large tires. These rubber sheets are used for pyrolysis to obtain higher oil yields and higher quality end products. Compared to conventional hand sawing methods, tire shredders are more efficient and save labour costs.

By replacing different types of blades, different raw materials can be shredded into pieces of different sizes for further processing.


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The overview of tire shredder

Waste pyrolysis is an industry that is well worth investing in. Waste tires have the best prospects for recycling and account for the largest proportion of pyrolysis waste. However, before the tire enters the pyrolysis reactor for pyrolysis, the tires need to be shredded to handle large tires and achieve higher oil yields and final product quality.

A tire shredder is a machine that shreds tires. The motor drives the shaft with the blade to rotate, and the waste tire is squeezed and torn by the relative rotation between the blades. After the waste tire reaches the yield strength of the material, it begins to break into small pieces.

MoreGreen Tire Shredder working process

MoreGreen Tire Shredder working process

The tire shredder can shred various used tires such as car tires, truck tires, and engineering equipment tires. Replacing different types of knives, you can also shred different materials, such as scrap metal, waste plastics, household garbage and so on.

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The main components of the MoreGreen tire shredder

The waste tire recycling shredder is mainly composed of the following components:

  • Main frame of the shredder:welded with high quality steel plate, the steel plate is very thick and very durable.
  • Motor and control system:The motor adopts three-phase pure copper motor, which can effectively extend the equipment overload time and protect the motor from being burned out. In addition, the motor is equipped with a PLC control system that precisely adjusts the speed and step of the motor.
  • Blade axle/blades:The blade axle is made of high-strength steel by using a precision machine tool; the blades are forged with stronger alloy steel and processed with high precision. The blades are treated with high temperature and freezing technology to ensure the hardness and toughness of the blades.
Tire Shredder Main Frame

Tire Shredder Main Frame

Tire Shredder Knives

Tire Shredder Knives

Tire Shredder Reducer

Tire Shredder Reducer

Tire Shredder Rotary Sieve

Tire Shredder Rotary Sieve

  • Bearing seat:The bearing seat can easily and quickly remove the bearing, blade and other components, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.
  • Reducer:It belongs to hard-tooth surface reducer with high precision, high transmission efficiency, stable operation and low noise; small size and long life span.
  • Rotary sieve:rotary sieve can put the raw material pieces larger than the sieve hole into the shredder for shredding again, which can easily control the size of the final piece.
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Tire Shredder Technical Specifications

The high-quality MoreGreen tire shredder technical parameters:


1 Hourly Capacity 1-1.5 mt 1.5-2 mt 2-3 mt
3 Blade Quantity 20 pieces 25 pieces 30 pieces
4 Discharging Size 30-80 mm 30-80 mm 30-80 mm
2 Motor Power 30Kw*2 37Kw*2 75Kw*2
5 Power Supply 3-phase 380V 50HZ 3-phase 380V 50HZ 3-phase 380V 50HZ
6 Tire Size ≤800 mm ≤1000 mm ≤1200 mm
7 Overall Dimensions 2800*900*2000 mm 3250*1380*2300 mm 4000*2200*2600 mm
8 Weight 4.5 mt 5 mt 13 mt

There are three common models in the above table. If you need to handle larger waste tires or need to handle more waste tires, we can also customize the more powerful tire shredder to meet your needs.

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Advantages Of MoreGreen Tire Shredder

The MoreGreen tire shredder has the following advantages:

  • Support the replacement of different types of blades to shred different types of raw materials.

Different Kinds Of Blades

  • The system can be controlled by PLC, which can control the tire shredding process in a simple and clear way.
  • The whole device is compact in structure, low in energy consumption and high in efficiency.
  • The blade is cast with high-strength alloy steel, which is wear-resistant and has a long life span.
  • The shredded cavity is an open structure for easy repair and replacement of parts.
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FAQ About MoreGreen Tire Shredder

Waste tires, waste rubber, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, automobile tires, truck tires, construction equipment tires, etc.

We offer customized services for our equipment. Customize different types and sizes of tire shredders based on the type of raw materials you need to handle and the amount of used tires processed each day;
We provide door to door installation equipment services. Install commissioning equipment at the location you specify and train qualified operators for you;
We offer a two-year warranty for the entire unit (free maintenance, except for consumables under normal operating conditions), lifetime maintenance;

After receiving the deposit, we immediately began to arrange the production. Generally, the production cycle of tire shredder is 15 days. In addition, we will have experts to teach how to use the equipment.

Of course, we are always welcome to visit the factory!And our company hopes that after the initial exchanges between the two sides, professional and technical personnel will accompany you to visit the production plant purposefully. We believe that this will make the understanding of both sides deeper and more efficient!

Yes! We can provide turnkey on-site installation and commissioning; and provide personnel training for all countries and regions.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will answer your questions professionally and efficiently.

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