Two Tires To Oil Plants Will Be Installed Completely In Vietnam Soon

Customers from Vietnam did not initially know that waste tires could also be converted into high-margin oils, carbon blacks and steel wires through pyrolysis. They searched the network for used tires and found the official website of MoreGreen. They were very excited about the fact that they had a thorough understanding of the pyrolysis equipment on the website.

Vietnamese Customers Are Visiting the Production Workshop

So they started to contact us via email and asked about the types of tires that the tire pyrolysis equipment can handle, and the workflow of the pyrolysis equipment. They also researched the way tires were acquired and the prices of tire oil, carbon black and other products locally, and found this to be a lucrative project. So they decided to come to China for an in-depth understanding.

Two MLB-16 Tires To Oil Plants Arrived at Vietnam

We received them in late May. First, they introduced the construction of the pyrolysis equipment in detail in the office and answered some of their questions. Then we accompanied them to the factory and they saw the final products of the pyrolysis and were very satisfied with their quality.



After visiting the factory, we returned to the company together. After the negotiation, the two Vietnamese customers decided to order one MLB-16 tire to the oil plant separately. Finally, we jointly determined the date of manufacture of the equipment and the date of installation.

On June 9, 2019, two waste tire pyrolysis plants will be installed in Vietnam and will be put into operation.

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