Ukrainian customer purchased an MZL-30 waste oil distillation plant

Our Ukrainian customer is from Kiev, where there is a large amount of used motor oil. At first, they did not know how to effectively dispose of used engine oil. When they searched online for waste oil treatment, they learned that the waste oil distillation facility can convert used oil into refined diesel and other products.

They found MoreGreen's official website and learned more about how the waste oil distillation plant works and related parameters. They then contacted our sales specialists via email and after the initial communication, they decided to visit the MoreGreen factory.

Ukrainian Customers Are Visiting the Factory

After we picked up the customer to the company, we showed them how the waste oil distillation equipment worked in the conference room and answered their questions. The customer needs to process nearly 30 tons of used engine oil and waste lubricating oil every day from Kiev and surrounding areas. They want the equipment to be efficient enough to handle the waste oil and save labour costs as much as possible. According to the customer's needs, we recommend MZL-30 waste oil distillation plant, which is a continuous waste oil treatment equipment, which can process 30 tons of waste oil per day with only 2-3 operators.

Waste oil distillation plant in production

The engineer then accompanied the customer to the factory and answered some details. The customer is satisfied with the performance of the equipment.

On April 17, 2019, the MZL-30 waste oil distillation equipment ordered by the customer was completed. After all the parts have been counted, the equipment will be transported directly to Kiev by train and the subsequent installation and commissioning will be completed.

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